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into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tragedy for america's cup races. a yacht flips over during practice and olympic gold medalist is dead. plus, hours after jodi arias spoke with fox phoenix, her sentencing hearing mysteriously cancelled. >> i'm not really looking forward to what comes next. >> shepard: and the convicted killer says she actually wants to die. >> i believe death is the ultimate freedom. so i would rather just have my freedom as soon as i can get it. >> shepard: plus, her message to the family of the man she murdered. as an accused kidnapper appears in court, we're learning what these young women actually endured
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during their years in captivity have a secret birth to beatings. to their own missing persons posters displayed on the wall. reports of a suicide note in which the suspect confessed to his crimes. but first from fox this thursday night, the chief prosecutor in the cleveland house of horrors case says he may seek the death penalty against the manual accused of kidnapping those three women and holding each of them prisoner in his home for a decade. the prosecutor says it stems from accusations that aerial castro impregnated one of his victims at least five times. then starved her for weeks and beat her until she miscarried. aerial castro was in court today for his arraignment on kidnapping and rape charges. a judge ordered him held on $8 million bond. he is now said to be in isolation on suicide watch. and this afternoon, the prosecutor says he plans to go after the suspect with everything in his arsenal. >> i fully intend to seek
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charges for each and every act of sexual violence, rape, each day of kidnapping, every felonious assault, all his attempted murders, and each act of aggravated murder he committed by terminating pregnancies that the offender perpetuated against the hostage during this decade long ordeal. >> shepard: of course, this chapter of it all began on monday when amanda berry escaped from castro's home and made a frantic call to 911. >> i've been kidnapped and i have been missing for 10 years and i'm here. i'm free now. >> okay. and what's your address? >> 2207 seymour avenue. >> 2207 seymour? it looks like you are calling me from 2210. >> shepard: she was just across the street. police showed under and rescued dejesus and michelle knight as well as berry's 6-year-old daughter. a daughter berry says castro fathered. sickening details continue to pour in.
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according to the leaked police report amanda berry gave birth to her daughter in a plastic baby pool. michelle knight is said to have helped delivering that child. even performing cpr on the newborn after aerial castro threatened to kill her if that baby died. our rick leventhal live at the cuyahoga county courthouse tonight with more. rick, the suspect in all of this looked like a very different man in court today.>> shepard, castro was te exact opposite of the behavior that he has been accused of over the past 10 years or more. he had his head down the entire time he was in court which was a few minutes or so. his chin was buried in the collar of his jail jumpsuit. looked like a meek, beaten man. he was the man dolling out the beatings 10 years or more on a regular basis brutalizing those three women repeatedly according to police after kidnapping them by offering them each a ride in his car. castro, of course, is the one in captivity with a guard posted outside of his
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cell 24 hours a day just in case he tries to kill himself. shep? >> shepard: what other details of note did you get from that police report, rick? >> well, the women, according to the police report, told investigators that was astro initially kept them in chains in the basement, but then eventually moved them all into rooms upstairs on the second floor of the house and would test them by leaving them untied and pretending to leave the house and if they tried to escape he would beat them. in fact, amanda berry says on monday afternoon she thought it was a trap when the big inside door was left unlocked and as she went to yell for help, she fully expected aerial to appear and beat her again. this afternoon the cuyahoga county prosecutor asked the media to give these women some room, allow them time to heal and not pressure them to do more interviews because they don't want to jeopardize this investigation, shepard. they need to interview these women because more charges could still be coming. >> shepard: rick leventhal in cleveland for us this afternoon. meantime, the daughter of the suspect, the older daughter says she is devastated by what her father is accused of doing.
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in fact arlene castro was reportedly best friends with gina dejesus before the kidnapping. she is one of the victims. today on abc's good morning america, she had a tierful message for him. >> i would like to say i'm absolutely so, so sorry i really want to see you, gina. i want you to meet my kids. i'm so sorry for everything. >> shepard: arlene castro claims she didn't speak to her father very often when she did the conversations with usually quite brief. there is now a fund to help these three kidnapping victims as well as the 6-year-old girl. the cleveland courage fund is raising money to help them as they try to resume some normal life if you would like to donate it's at more than three hours ago the jury was set to start hearing the penalty
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portion. the aggravation portion of all of this. one day after finding jodi arias guilty of murder in the first degree. the court was supposed to tackle the question of whether jodi arias should go to prison or eventually the death chamber for killing her ex, travis alexander. the hearing didn't happen. 25 minutes after it was set to begin they postponed it no explanation at all. told fox station my fox in phoenix she doesn't want to spend her life in prison. >> i would much rather die sooner than later. longevity runs in my family and i don't want to spend the rest of my natural life in one place. you know. i'm pretty healthy, i don't smoke. and i would probably live a long time so that's not something i'm looking forward to. >> shepard: of course, she doesn't get to make that decision although she is currently on suicide watch. we have more of that interview coming up just minute now inside fox report. first get to dan springer who is life outside the courthouse in phoenix. do we have any idea why they postponed this thing, dan? >> well, shep, those who know why it was postponed
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until next wednesday are not saying a word. everything got sealed. there is plenty of speculation it may somehow be connected to that extraordinary interview that jodi arias gave. imagine, imagine being her lawyer and seeing that thing pop up on tv. just hours after her conviction. we know that she is on suicide watch, so it's possible she is not stable enough to be in court today. but there is also the question about defending your client against the death penalty when she says she wants to die and that tape can be used and can be seen by the jury. so, it's another delay for the victim's family which appears united in their desire to see areas pay with their life. they said through an attorney yesterday that they plan on filing a wrongful death civil suit in the near future. that would allow them to get any money jodi arias may earn in the future due to her note notoriety. arizona has the son of sam law which would prevent her from a book or movie in the case. she could make money from selling other things. of course they have to get through the sentencing
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phase. that was just made more complicated yesterday. shep? >> shepard: sure was. dan springer for us. after the jury found jodi arias guilty yesterday. made it perfectly clear the prosecutor's work is not finished. they still have to pursue justice for her victim travis alexander and he issued a statement that reads, in part. we look forward to the next phase of the proceedings where the state will present evidence to prove the murder was committed in an especially heinous, cruel, or depraved manner. of course, that next phase was supposed to begin today. brian foster a criminal defense attorney. is he live for us from phoenix this afternoon. is any of the thinking about why they may have postponed this about this interview that she did with our station in phoenix? >> well, you know what? there is a lot of speculation among the local attorneys here. a lot of us believe it has to do with the interview she did with local fox 10. and in fact maybe she is doing it against the advice of her counsel which i'm sure she is. maybe the defense needs time to prepare in light of the use of this video during the mitigating
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phase, the death penalty phase there is a lot of speculation. i'm pretty sure it has something to do with that all together. >> shepard: are you surprised the attorney allowed that? >> i don't think the attorney allowed it i think that jodi arias just as she has done throughout has done whatever she wants to do. i'm sure her attorneys have been telling her throughout, have no contact with the media. you're just hurting your case. jody is a master manipulator in my mind and i think that she had an ulterior motive for doing that interview. i think it's going to come back and bite her in the back side. >> shepard: is it your sense that once this phase of the trial does begin that we're going to hear a lot more of this gruesome testimony or are we moving forward with something else? >> well, we're going to hear gruesome testimony initially through the medical examiner because he does have to establish the cruel and heinous nature of the crime in order to get the ago vaghtd factor and to get her the death penalty. so we are going to suffer through that again. but i think it will be pretty quick because the jury has already heard most
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of that already, shep. >> shepard: all right, brian. thanks very much. live for us from phoenix. criminal definition attorney brian foster. well, some of those in charge of monitoring and launching our nation's nuclear missiles are completely unqualified. so badly prepared that their superiors have taken them off the job. the stunning revelation ahead. who is in charge of the nukes plus. how investigators say criminals around the world work together to poof off an enormous bank heist. 10s of millions of dollars drained in an operation that took military coordination. the details ahead from the journalists of fox news on this thursday fox report. before global opportunities were part of their investment sttegy... to the schools that gave them scholarships... before they planned for their parents' future needs and their son's future...
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bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> shepard: we are in a crisis, that from a commander of the unit in charge of guarding our nation's most powerful nuclear weapons. and launching them if and when the president were to give an order. fox news has now confirmed the u.s. air force removed
4:14 pm
the record 17 officers from a unit at a base in minot, north dakota from rot in the ranks. jonathan, she's officers could actually launch the nukes? >> in a word, shep. yes. there are, of course, checks and balances but these officers whom the deputy commander described as having, quote: an attitude problem, could potentially have launched nukes. although the air force chief of staff who coincidentally was at a committee hearing on capitol hill today played down that so-called attitude problem. listen. >> he was talking about this attitude among a few of the crew members who he had heard about who he didn't think were committed enough staying fully aware of all of the responsibilities of their job all the time and getting better continuously in the form of heir mission. they could do the job but they didn't have the attitude and drive he expected to see from the missile crew members.
4:15 pm
that's what he was referring to. nothing else. >> but when the air force suspends 17 officers on a nuclear base, one in 10 of the personnel on that base, something, shep, is clearly not quite right. >> shepard: clearly. this issue got the defense secretary's attention. >> yes, secretary hagel is apparently demanding more information about what the deputy commander in what was supposed to be a private email called a crisis. now, according to retired u.s. air force colonel cedric layton, the root of this may be that the officers, some of them, don't see a career future as the u.s. begins to draw down it's land based nuclear arsenal. listen. >> as a result of that, they will pay less attention to their primary duties and when they pay less attention to their primary duties. mistakes can happen and mistakes, of course, in that arena are inexclusive mistakes. >> the colonel also praised the deputy commander for using such blunt language in that email, colonel
4:16 pm
layton telling me that when it comes to nuclear weapons, and a lack of discipline, straight talk is exactly what is needed. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt in the newsroom tonight. the white house is backing efforts in the house and senate to crack down on sexual assaults in the military. that's the word from lawmakers who had a meeting at the white house today. earlier this week, the president demanded consequences after the pentagon reported an increase in sexual assaults last year. the report estimates as many as 26,000 members of the military were victims of sexual assault last year. an average of more than 70 attacks per day. but the report indicates only 3300 service members actually reported the attacks. the feds report they busted seven men in what they are calling a massive 21st century bank heist. they say the suspects hacked into a data base of prepaid debit cards and used that information to steal $45 million from a pair of banks in the middle east. analysts say that's more than double what cyber
4:17 pm
criminals have made during similar attacks in the past. investigators report they have arrested all of the suspects in new york. they claim there was an eighth suspect, a man they identified as the ringleader but that somebody murdered him last month in the dominican republic. dozens of key test votes today for an immigration reform bill. now, we know whether the so-called gang of 8 is sticking together at least for now. and each more trouble for carnival cruise lines. this time it seems two people dropped right off the deck of a ship. that's coming up as fox reports live tonight. the wright brothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting! [ man ] touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hi.
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>> shepard: the number of americans who are fresh out of work has fallen to its lowest level in five years. the labor department reports 4,000 fewer people filed first-time claims for
4:21 pm
unemployment benefits last week. but not much of a reaction on wall street today. investors took a breather, i guess, after a big runup over the past few days. the dow was up and down all day. finished down 23. still above 15,000. a market broke for the first time on tuesday. nasdaq down 4, s&p off 6. a bill to reform our immigration system could look a lot different in a couple of weeks. a senate committee is debating 300 amendments to the plan north so-called gang of 8. four democrats, four republicans came up with a bill. a key member in that gang says the plan is just a starting point and probably could not pass the house without some changes. mike emanuel is on capitol hill for us. mike? >> well, shep, 216 the 32 amendments reviewed today were accepted. a big point of emphasis on the republican side is border security. and one of the amendments that was adopted requires the federal government to it effectively control the entire southern border. not just the high risk
4:22 pm
areas after day one of amendments being offered a key republican behind this bipartisan plan offered this assessment. >> i think the bill is better today than it was yesterday. it still has a ways to government as we have said from the beginning, this has always been a starting point. here is the key and good news the vast majority of americans, conservatives, too are prepared to do something about immigration reform if key ensure that there isn't a second or third wave of illegal immigration in the future. >> much of the friction though comes from rubio's fellow conservatives. texas republican senator ted ted ted cruise maybe particularly vocal. >> current draft fig leaf on border security. in my judgment, the american people want congress to be serious about border security. >> democrats are also active, offering amendments of their own. but for many of them the key priority is a path to citizenship for illegals already here and that is already in the bill.
4:23 pm
shep? >> shepard: mike, thanks. the forecast reports it spent more than $18 billion on border security in 2011. 18 billion. more than all other federal law enforcement combined. well, we're getting a new look at the devastation in west texas. the town of west. just a few months after last month's deadly fertilizer explosion there among the hardest hit buildings apartments closest to the site. would you look at this? investigators say the blast essentially demolished them and did the same to a school near the plant. they say it was almost impossible to even enter it safely. and at the plant site itself, very little left but rubble and twisted metal. the blast killed at least 14 people and injured some 200 others. late breaking details just coming into the fox newsroom. word of an olympic gold medalist dead after a boat flipped over during a practice run for america's cup. and jodi arias said that between the death penalty and life in prison, she
4:24 pm
would take death. she has a message for the victim's family as well. plus, the first hearing on capitol hill about the terror attack at the boston marathon. you'll hear from some very high profile witnesses about whether the feds could have prevented these deadly bombings. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. ♪ right. but the most important feature of all is... the capital one purchase eraser. i can redeem the double miles i earned with my venture card to erase recent travel purchases. d with a few clicks, this mission never happened. uh, what's this button do? [ electricity zaps ] ♪ you requested backup? yes. yes i did. what's in your wallet? yes i did. theengineered with aeel-drive unique drive system and dual transmission. all-wheel traction. all-wheel power.
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>> shepard: late breaking today an olympic gold medalist is dead after a
4:28 pm
yacht flipped in san francisco bay. a racing yacht. can you see it on its side. parts of it shredded as the debris bob's in the water. its swedish crew was getting ready for this summer's america's cup. a major annual boat race. rescue crews swarmed the scene. it was too late to save one of them a decorated british olympian. claudia cowan in our newsroom. what do we know, claudia? >> this happened around 1:00 this afternoon. several of the teams competing in the upcoming races with were practicing out on the bay tonight and helped with the dramatic rescue it was a sunny breezy afternoon there were white caps. exactly what caused it to flip over remains unclear. the 72-foot catamaran flagged under the swedish yacht club. 11 on board at the time. two were seriously hurt including 36-year-old andrew simpson the team's strategist. he became trapped underneath the boat about 10 minutes and pronounced dead after being brought to
4:29 pm
shore. simpson was a british olympian who won gold in beijing. not the first time one of these boats have flipped over. the oracle's team practice catamaran practiced last fall. everyone survived but the latest tragedy raising new questions tonight about the design of these boats and the safety of this race course, shepard? >> shepard: claudia cowan live in san francisco. searchers looking for missing couple that disappeared on the carnival spirit cruise ship off the coast of australia. shows the para 30-year-old man and 26-year-old woman just dropping right from the ship's deck last night. now cops say they are trying to figure out whether the couple fell or jumped. >> when you think about the circumstances of going over the side of a cruise ship, i have serious concerns about the welfare of both of those people. but we're still going to try hard to find them. >> shepard: this is but one in a string of recent problems for carnival. you will probably recall in january of last year, 32
4:30 pm
people died costa concordia struck a reef and overturned off the coast of italy. the carnival triumph will soon be back in business. in february, passengers aboard carnival triumph spent days in what many call the floating hell after engine room fire caused the ship to lose power. toilets overflowed. human waste on floors and in the halls for days, nonstop everything on the. now after a few months of work in mobile, alabama, triumph is headed back to the bahamas for more fixes and upgrades. carnival indicates it will resume service next month from galveston, texas. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and we're still waiting to hear what's going on at the jodi arias courtroom. about three hours ago we got word that today's hearing on her punishment is cancelled. the jury was supposed to decide whether she should get prison or face the possibility of the death penalty. that hearing now
4:31 pm
rescheduleesed for wednesday. meantime jodi arias herself is reacting to the guilty verdict. and what she thinks of the jury convicting her on murder in the first degree for killing her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. trace gallagher is live for us tonight. trace, jodi arias offers no apologies. >> none, shep. jodi arias says she is ashamed that she was afraid and heard a lot of people over a lot of years but not a single time did she say that she was sorry. and she is still being defiant. jodi arias called the prosecutor a bully. she says the jury got it wrong on premeditation. the reason she never looked at the family of travis alexander is because they all lookalike and when she sees them, she sees the man who abused her. here's what she did say to the victim's family. listen. >> i hope that now that a verdict has been rendered that they're able to find peace, some sense of peace. i don't think they will ever find the peace that
4:32 pm
they would like but maybe they will be able to have greater peace now. or some semblance of it and be able to move on with their lives and remember the brother the way they want to. >> yeah, maybe they can find peace but, again, shep, she showing no remorse at all. >> shepard: what about the claim, trace, that she wants to die? >> well, she says she wants the death penalty because death is the ultimate freedom. and, yet, she is not suicidal and her attorneys are apparently planning to fight the death penalty while showing that she is a good prison model and that she would behave and that she would be a good candidate for life in prison. though jodi arias says her lawyers told her they don't think she has any mitigating factors. listen. >> nothing that is what you typically see in a case like this, such as a childhood where there was drugs, alcoholism, molestation, things like that. none of those things
4:33 pm
occurred in my family. so, i don't know. i guess we would sort of joke that my mom didn't beat me hard enough so i don't really have mitigation. >> there are 122 men on arizona's death row, shep. only three women. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher for us. trace, thanks. the feds could have prevented the boston marathon bombings. that from the former connecticut senator joe lieberman who used to run the senate homeland security committee. he says government agencies should have done a better job sharing information before that attack. >> i believe that though it would not have been easy, it was possible to have prevented the terrorist attacks in boston. in a literal sense, the homeland security system, we must acknowledge that we built after 9/11 to protect the american people from terrorist attacks, failed to stop the tsarnaev
4:34 pm
brothers. >> shepard: former senator lieberman calls it serious and aggravating that the feds did not share a warning about russia on the older brother with boston police. catherine herridge works intelligence for us and live on capitol hill tonight. catherine? >> well, shep, the testimony today was devastating. after that russian tip about tamerlan that he was a follower of radical islam. the boston cops on the joint terrorism task force knew nothing of the bureau's investigation in 2011. >> we have three detectives and a sergeant who were assigned to the joint terrorism task force. one of my detectives is actually in the squad that investigated that. we have access to all the databases. but we were not, in fact, informed of that particular development. >> the fbi found no evidence of domestic terrorist activity at that time. and then a year later tamerlan went to russia and he spent six months in
4:35 pm
dagestan. it was russia that warned the u.s. that he could be radical islamist. when he returned to the u.s. there was no follow-up. department of homeland security officer in the joint terrorism task force who was alerted of mr. tamerlan's overseas trips. a trip to russia and the chechen region. were you aware of that information before the bombing? >> i was not. were the officers on the ---you assigned to the joint terrorism task force aware of this. >> they tell me they received no word on that individual prior to the bombing. >> answering those charges, the fbi office in boston issuing a statement today quote: boston jtf members including representatives from the boston police department were provided instruction, including suggestions on methods for proactively reviewing and establishing customized searches which would allow them to be fully informed of all jttf activity. on that surveillance video released by the fbi on
4:36 pm
april 18th, boston cops know the fbi had investigated tamerlan until after the shootout. >> from the time of the attack on monday afternoon until the shootout early friday morning, did the fbi bring to your attention at all the fact that the -- older brother had been under investigation by the fbi? >> no. we didn't start to look at that until after the shootout. >> so this is three and a half days after and the fbi still did not make you aware of it? >> that's correct. >> so 12 years after 9/11 and billions of dollars spent, what today's testimony showed is that there are still some basic problems when it comes to sharing information between the feds, the state, and the lomb law enforcement, shep. >> shepard: catherine, police tell us somebody has now buried the older brother's body. we don't know who or where, but the funeral home director had said he was having trouble finding a cemetery that would take the body. one of the youngest bombing victims has just marked a milestone according to her family. she is the sister of little
4:37 pm
martin richard, the boy killed in the attack. the family reports 7-year-old jane richard has just had her 11th operation on her left leg. which doctors amputated below the knee. her parents tell us the latest surgery helped prepare jane for a prosthetic leg. they say they have now told her that her little brother is dead. a new warning tonight for expected mothers. up next what the researchers say can make their babies four times more likely to develop bipolar disorder when they grow up. and the senator, the prince, and the blue mann mannequins, quite a seen on capitol hill today which we're told fairly unproductive day for a lot of ladies who work there. that's coming up. eing your bus in a whole new way. for seeing what cash is coming in and going out... so you can understand every angle of your cash flow-
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like i could stay away. you know i can't do this without you. you'll never have to. you're always there for me. shh! i'll get you a rental car. i could also use an umbrella. fall in love with progressive's claims service. pregnant women who get flu nay be at greater risk developing by popular disorder later in life that's the study from a journal. researchers say out of 800 pregnant women, those who got flu were four times more likely to have children who developed the disorder. experts say the overall risk is really still low. bipolar disorder reportedly effects about 1% of the population. brip's hardest partying royal is back in the u.s. for a week long trip that began earlier today on capitol hill. this time it seems unlikely prince harry will end up dancing naked for a bunch of hotel guest. in fact, is he skipping
4:42 pm
vegas all together. because what happens there, well, this afternoon the third in line to the british throne toured divint on land mines along with john mccain. we're told hundreds of women staffers packed in to catch a glimpse of the bachelor. of course, prince harry is a british soldier and the senator is a vietnam vet. the theme of the royal trip is support for wounded service members. prince harry is now at the home of the british ambassador to the united states where tonight he is expected to give a speech and have some dinner. peter doocy is in d.c. tonight. harry seems to be getting very red, white, and blue reception. >> yeah, i would say so, shepard. we don't have princes here in america. and the nice reminder of that came this afternoon when as you said hundreds of female staffers hallways at the capital. the young women have been born and raised in the united states. not every day a prince third in line of the thrown comes through. they were losing it every time they saw him for even one second screaming,
4:43 pm
shrieking, asprins harry was very quietly conversing with his host both here and more subdued over at the white house where we actually saw many children passing their camera phones off to dr. jill biden standing nearby so she could get the shot and they would have something to tweet. now, the prince has not spoken publicly late princess diana's son. >> i told him i had been shot down he was probably a much better pilot than i was since he did. >> tomorrow morning, prince harry will visit arlington national cemetery and visit wounded warriors walter reid. connecticut is where is he going to play a n. a polo match. he will not play anything in las vegas this trip, shepard. this visit is he sticking strictly to business and charity until he heads back
4:44 pm
across the atlantic. back to you. >> shepard: that's the plan and a wise one. thanks a lot, peter. if you are wondering where prince harry's older brother i haven't been he is back. baby due in july. prince harry says the couple will be having a boy. british odds maker say they still favor a girl. at least 8 people are dead tonight after fire ripped through a garment factory. it's in the same country where a garment factory collapsed killed at least 900 people a couple of weeks ago. and the story tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. bangladesh the flames protocol out floors in the capital city. the officials are still investigating the cause. huge piles of acrylic products used to make sweaters helped fuel the thing they say the victims died of suffocation as they ran down the stairs. china, a dramatic rescue after heavy flooding trapped a man inside his
4:45 pm
home in the southwest province. the guy said it was nearly impossible to get out as the raging waters kept rising. so crews rigged a rope system to pull into safety. bolivia, miners blew up part of a bridge as protests turned violent south and east of the capital city. it came during third day of strikes demanding better pay. authorities say the miners also filled the streets of the capital flocking some roads. cops responded with tear gas and made several arrests. mexico, an environmentalists says he used more than 100,000 plastic bottles to build this island near mexico city. sand covered planks sit atop those bottles. wind powered washing machine made of an old plastic water barrel. the guy says it's all to promote environmental awareness and that's a wrap on to this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
4:46 pm
>> secretary of state john kerry said earlier this week that the united states and russia are working on a peace plan for syria. now is he speaking out that russians are ready to sell syria dozens of new surface to air missiles. plus, new fall out today from the capitol hill hearings on the attack in benghazi, libya. the speaker of the house now calling for the obama administration to release emails about the night four americans died. that's just ahead. red hot deal days are back. don't waste another minute. it's red hot deal days. get the droid razr m by motorola in white for free. everything droid does in a compact design. or the droid razr hd by motorola in white, with google voice search that understands you the first time. just $49.99. hurry in, sale ends may 12th. powerful devices. powerful network. verizon.
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>> shepard: so the israelis are now warning that the syrian regime may soon get some massive new tools which could prolong the deadly civil war, surface-to-air missiles courtesy of russia. that's according to the reporting of the "wall street journal" newspaper which our parent company owns. the journal is reporting the package would include
4:50 pm
six launchers and 144 missiles, each with a range of 125 miles. which could make it a lot harder for outside nations to conduct air strikes. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon tonight. the secretary of state john kerry just wrapped up his trip to moscow and commented on that new arms report, right? >> that's right, shepard. secretary of state kerry left moscow with an agreement to try to co-host an international conference to end the syrian civil war that they would co-host that with russia. but just as he was leaving, he was confronted with leaked reports that israel had warned the u.s. that the russians were preparing to deliver batteries of sa 300 antiaircraft missiles which are sophisticated enough to intercept both man-to-air crass and guided missiles. a game changer for u.s. and nato airplanes should the syrians obtain the system. >> i think we have made it crystal clear we would prefer that russia was not supplying assistance. we have previously stated that the missiles,
4:51 pm
particularly the the a-300 is potentially destabilizing with respect to the state of israel. and so we have made it very clear historically that that is a concern of the united states. >> british prime minister david cammeron a key nato ally travels to moscow friday and will be in the u.s. to meet with president obama next week, shep. >> shepard: jennifer, the militant group hezbollah announced today that syria will provide its fighters with what the leader there hasan called game changing weapons. remember hezbollah was backed by both syria and iran and standoffs against the israelis. analysts point out that iran has frequently sent new arms through syria to hezbollah and lebanon. secretary of state john kerry today spoke will the attack at benghazi, libya and promised that if anybody needs to be disciplined, it will happen. four americans died in that attack on september the 11th of last year.
4:52 pm
yesterday, state department staffers testified before the u.s. congress. one said he took questions from superiors for official line on how that assault unfolded. today secretary kerry told reporters his department will leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding out what happened in benghazi. >> i'm absolutely determined that this issue will be answered, will be put to bed and if there is any culpability in any area, that is appropriate to be handled in some way with some discipline, it will be appropriately handled. >> the house speaker john boehner knows exactly what needs to happen in the investigation. is he calling for the obama administration to release emails about ambassador susan rice's talking points. you will recall after the attack ambassador rice went on the five sunday talk shows and say u.s. officials believe the violence spontaneous reaction to protests over anti-muslim videos. susan rice says he was using talking points from the intelligence agency which turned out to be wrong. intelligence officials do cob firm they gave her
4:53 pm
those talking points. but speaker boehner says that days earlier a senior state department official had emailed her superiors to say she had already told libyans ambassador that terrorists were behind the attack. and the house speaker says he wants that email made public. >> we have to make sure that the situation that they found themselves in doesn't happen again. and the only way we are going to understand that is if we get to the truth. and, understand, the reason this is still underway is because the white house has done everything possible to block access to the information that would outline the truth. and the question you have to ask is why. >> shepard: all questions. he added cock will continue to investigated the attack in benghazi and just minutes ago the ranking democrat on the committee investigating the matter, the congress elijah cummings put out a statement saying speaker boehner is focusing on old news. doctors say a woman was less than an inch from death after an incident
4:54 pm
involving her husband's spear gun. it's a stunning x-ray and we'll show it next. just mix it in... ...and take play to new places. three ca in every pack. new beneful medley's.
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4:58 pm
of killing her. instead she underwent emergency surgery and they said she should make a full cops say all indications are this was an accident. cool critters now. and a couple of rare bear cubs making public debut. little ones born back in january. they had been staying in a maternity den with their mother, sloth bears are native to the indian subcontinent and known to use their long claws to climb and hang from trees. like sloths. and -- updating our top stories tonight. prosecutors say they may seek the death penalty for aerial castro the cleveland guy accused of holding three women captives for years and raping them. violently forcing one of women to abort five babies. sentencing hearing for jodi arias mysteriously postponed until wednesday. jurors were supposed to decide whether areas should face a death penalty phase
4:59 pm
for the brutal murder of ex-boyfriend. olympic gold medal frist britain is dead tonight after a racing yacht overturned during an america's cup practice off san francisco. and on this day in 1972, 16 israeli commandos stormed a hijacked jet and freed all 100 people on board in one of the most daring rescue operations anybody has ever seen. there were four terrorists, two men and two women. they have taken over the plane on the flight from belgium to israel. they demanded the release of hundreds of palestinianian prisoners. but once they landed in tel aviv, israeli forces sneaked under the aircraft and deflated the tires. the israelis then offered to fix the plane. but the mechanics were actually commandos in disguise. among them, the future prime minister ehud barak and benjamin netanyahu. it was all over in a flash. two hijackers dead, two captured and militants messed with the wrong country 41 years ago today.
5:00 pm
and now you know the news for this thursday, may theth, 2013. i'm shepard smith. thanks for checking. in mr. bill is in the wings. and he is fired up. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what difference, at this point, does it make? >> bill: the assertion that how four americans died in benghazi doesn't really matter has now become the mantra of the left. we'll take a look at that question with charles krauthammer and the mother of a man who was killed in libya. >> the dramatic story told today by people at the center during that attack in benghazi last year. >> bill: so how much time did the network news give the benghazi story yesterday? we'll tell you and bernie goldberg will analyze. >> i would much rather die sooner than later. >> bill: well, jodi arias may get her wish as a jury in arizona i

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